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Our 30 dedicated staff members in Denmark and 400 employees all across Europe are here to provide you with new or old coins, medals and bank notes.
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Mønthuset Danmark – part of one of Europe’s largest coin companies

" Each and every year I personally strike the Nobel Peace Prize medal, which has been presented to winners like President Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, and Mother Teresa, and this is something in which I take immense pride. In 2009 my wife and I were both invited to the official ceremony when President Obama received the Nobel peace prize medal that I had struck.”
Håkon Hogstad, Employee at Mint of Norway
" I am responsible for millions of orders from collectors all across Europe being handled with the professionalism and dedication they deserve. We take great pride in filling orders overnight whenever possible.”
Patrick Bogaers, Chief Operating Officer, previously with Lego
" I am the project manager when a new medal is planned, designed and struck by various mints across Europe. I ensure top quality throughout the process. I love working with the best coin and medal engravers there are and all the highly skilled mint workers we have inside and outside our Group of companies.”
Klaas Dijkhuizen, numismatist and project manager
" I am responsible for the material that gives the coins and medals a historical background and context. I particularly remember the texts I wrote for ‘Denmark at War’, which were both detailed and thrilling, describing war tactics and specific war scenes. In addition, I am closely involved in the process of choosing the right motifs for the medal collection.”
Hans Christian Bjerg, Naval historian
" I travel the world looking for exceptional collector’s items on behalf of our customers. ”
Åsa Kjellman, Purchaser

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