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Any coin you want

Mønthusets offers almost any coin you can imagine, as well as a handpicked selection of medals and bank notes.

Since we cooperate with most of the major Mints and Central Banks of the world we have very good access to the most sought after new issues.

While you might mainly associate Mønthuset as the perfect partner for new issues, we are also one of the leading companies when it comes to rare coins. Through our contact network, our excellent team of numismatists, and our well-connected purchasing team who travel the world, we can find almost any coin you may wish to add to your collection – even the world’s first coin, if you are looking for it.

Mønthuset Danmark A/S • Vestergade 18E • DK-1456 København K • telefon: 77 30 20 10 • www.monthuset.dk • info@monthuset.dk