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The Management

Mønthuset, and its Group of companies, is one of Europe’s largest coin companies, minting and selling new and old coins and medals all over the Continent. Our expert team of 400 people across Europe serves any collecter’s wish you might have. We pride ourselves on having received more than 20 million orders from collectors over the years.

Mønthuset’s vision is to tell history through coins, and to promote and enhance the joy of collecting. For this reason we employ a number of historians, besides our numismatists, in order to ensure that you get more than just a coin when you buy from us.

Mønthuset is the official distributor for almost forty mints and central banks, including the People’s Bank of China, the Bank of Russia and the British Royal Mint. We also have our own mint in the Group, Mint of Norway, which strikes coins and medals on behalf of several countries. We are pleased to have this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about ourselves.

Best regards,
Marie Olsson
Managing Director
Mønthuset Danmark A/S

Mønthuset Danmark A/S • Vestergade 18E • DK-1456 København K • telefon: 77 30 20 10 • www.monthuset.dk • info@monthuset.dk