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London 2012

The sale of the London 2012 commemorative coins is not only about celebrating and raising awareness of the upcoming Olympic Games in London. It is also about financial support for the host country, for the international Olympic committee and for the National Olympic Committees. For every coin sold an amount is allocated to the IOC and to the Danish Olympic Committee.

The Danish Football Association
& World Cup 2010

Since Denmark was to participate in the Football World Cup in South Africa, Mønthuset Danmark decided to honour the event with a football medal. The medal, designed and issued in cooperation with the Danish football union, DBU, shows the Danish national football team and the players who qualified Denmark for the World Cup by beating Sweden by 1-0. The reverse of the medal shows the official DBU logo.

The Danish Navy’s 500th anniversary

The Royal Danish Mint, The Danish Navy and Mønthuset Danmark cooperated on commemorating the Navy’s 500th an- niversary with a commemorativee medal in silver and donated 150 of the medals to the Navy. The medal, designed in col- laboration with the Navy and Naval historian Hans Christian Bjerg, was presented to the head of the operational command of the Danish Navy, Rear Admiral Nils Wang, during a ceremony at Holmen in Copenhagen.

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