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International Polar Year

During the International Polar Year 2007-2009 Mønthuset Danmark sold commemorative silver coins issued by the Royal Danish Mint to households all over Denmark. To support research about climate change Mønthuset donated DKK 155,000 to the Danish national committee for the International Polar Year, IPY.

Red barnet

When the Danish heir to the thrown was born Mønthuset Danmark honored the event with a medal, which was sold for the benefit of the Danish Save the Children, Red barnet. In addition to a lump sum of DKK 150,000, Mønthuset also donated DKK 10 from every medal sold to the organization. The medal was minted by the Royal Danish Mint, Den Kgl. Mønt.

The Danish Multiple Sclerossis Society

When it was decided to withdraw the Danish 25-ore coin from circulation, the Danish Multiple Sclerossis Society started collecting the coins for research purposes. Mønthuset Danmark made a set of coins of all the different Danish 25 øre ever minted from 1874-2008, and DKK 10 of the sales from each set was donated to the Danish Multiple Sclerossis Society.

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