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We are always looking for exceptional coins – for you

Mønthuset is always on the lookout for exceptional coins to offer collectors. Our network stretches all across the globe, covering hundreds of auction houses, coin dealers, museums, banks, investors and famous collectors. We also cooperate with maritime archaeologists searching for shipwrecks and preserving maritime heritage, such as historically interesting coins. All of the coins mentioned below are available to Danish collectors through Mønthuset Danmark.

The São José shipwreck

The São José was lost in 1622 off the coast of Mozambique after being attacked by English and Dutch defence ships while on a mission to deliver Francisco da Gama, great-grandson of the legendary Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, to reign as the Viceroy of India. On board, she carried a royal treasure of the Portuguese Empire to support trade with the East and with Portuguese outposts on the trade route.
After extensive historical research, followed by a large-area magnetometer survey in 2003 and 2004, marine archaeologists in April 2005 began the excavation and recovery of the São José off the coast of Mozambique. During excavation, 24,000 coins were recovered, but fewer than 7,200 are collecter-grade. They have been graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC).

The 100-kg gold coin

The world’s largest gold coin visited Denmark in 2009 as part of a ten-country roadshow across Europe.

The 100-kilo, 99.999% pure gold coin created a lot of media and public interest in all the countries where it was exhibited.

In Denmark the coin was exhibited at the National Museum of Denmark.

The Brussels Hoard

The largest medieval coin hoard in Europe. This huge hoard was discovered in Brussels in 1908 and consisted of around 150,000 silver pennies from England, Scotland, Ireland and the Continent. The coins went on display in museums in the cities of Oslo, Oxford and Turku in 2004.

The gold transport

On the morning of April 9, 1940 the Norwegian gold deposit was evacuated from the Norwegian Bank under dramatic circumstances. 50 tons of gold bars and gold coins were secretly transported by truck out of Oslo. Just as the last trucks left Oslo, the German soldiers marched into the Norwegian capital. The gold was taken further up north through the entire country, and finally shipped to safety in England.

There were also Danish coins in the transport, for example the first gold 10-krone, issued by Christian IX.

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